Nothing But Nets
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Dominican Republic

Goal:Get back on track

Hispaniola is the last malaria endemic island of the Caribbean. In the last few years progress in the fight to beat malaria has stalled with increased malaria cases in 2016 and 2017.

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Goal: Protect Progress

Ecuador has made significant progress in the fight against malaria, but that progress is under threat as malaria cases begin to increase.

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Goal: Gain Momentum

Venezuela has served as a model for malaria elimination in the Americas; however, since its economy collapsed in recent years, there has been severe medical shortages. Today, Venezuela's progress in eliminating malaria is not only stagnant, it is rapidly declining.

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Goal: Emergency Relief

The unstable and violent situation in parts of Nigeria continues to affect families in the Lake Chad region. Women and children are especially vulnerable to contracting malaria. Growing famine has reduced their immunity, and there are not enough bed nets.

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Goal: Innovation

Access to healthcare is difficult in rural areas of the country. Nothing But Nets is helping to provide malaria prevention tools and training to GAIA Mobile Health Clinics to broaden access to healthcare in the Mulanje District.